Black Bart's Trail Tours

Unscheduled trail tours can be arranged by appointment 3 days in advance. For shorter notice with parties of 8 or less, please call. We are very flexible and can usually accommodate you. 

For groups over 8, please call one week in advance so we can arrange for more vehicles.  As more ride trucks are built, we will increase our carrying capacity.

Piranha ride truck holds 6 people in the back and 2 in the front. 


Using your vehicle:

Single day passes: $10/vehicle

Transport for spectators will be included.

Trail tours using our ride truck:
$5 per seat

Empty seats in other Marauder trucks, price same as above, if seats in ride trucks are filled.



Black Bart's Secret Hideout
Mountainair, NM
Black Bart: 505-705-0600



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